Launch Director: The LD has responsibility for the ENTIRE launch. The LD is to ensure that the requirements defined in the Safety Code for running a Sanctioned Launch are met. The LD is responsible for filling all personnel positions necessary to conduct a safe launch. Must be L2 or above.

Range Safety Officer: The RSO is responsible for assuring that the Tripoli Safety Codes and RSO procedures are not violated during operations and to ensure that acceptable risks are understood and are within reasonable limits. A Flight Safety Review will be performed by the RSO or delegate prior to any launch to assess the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the proposed vehicle flight. If a flight is deemed unsafe, the RSO has authority to stop preparations, hold a launch, or terminate a launch. A flight deemed unsafe must not be launched under any circumstances. Must be L2 or abpve.

LCO: The MC of the launch. Maintains pace, does all the announcing, and with the help of assistants, makes sure the sky and the range are clear of planes and people and Falling Debris before ordering the launch of a rocket.

LCO Assistant/Spotter:  The assistant organizes flight cards, pushes the launch button, and generally helps the LCO keep the launch flowing smoothly, and watches rockets in flight for any safety concerns

Flight Safety Officer:  Responsible for safety checking rockets.  A handy check list on the back of the flight card simplifies this job. In general this position evaluates rockets for a high likelihood of a successful and safe flight. Must be L2 or above.

FSO Assistant: The Flight Safety Assistant inspects “LP” rockets and assists with the larger rockets.

Roving BFR RSO: The Roving BFR Range Safety Officer is responsible for BFR/L3 range operations. Safety checks BFRs and assigns BFR pads. Coordinates BRF range operations with LCO, RSO and LD to make sure call-in waivers are active for launches over 15 kft. Must be L3.

ACT Crew: Away Cell Transporter. Assists the Roving BFR RSO with BFR range operations, Provides BFR transportation as necessary, and assists with BFR pad loading and operation.

Range Boss:  The Range Boss assigns pads to L1/L2 fliers who have been through safety check. The Range Boss opens and closes the L1/L2 ranges and works with the LCO to keep the flow of rockets to the pads going and the range operating efficiently.

High Power Pad Manager 1&2:  Works as a team to assist loading large rockets on the L1/L2 HPR pads, maintain proper launch rail angles and make sure used igniter’s are properly disposed of.

Low Power Pad Manager: Must be a Tripoli Member! The LPR pad manager position assists with installing low power rockets on the pads (many times helping children), keeps the range clean by making sure used igniters end up in the trash buckets.

Traffic / Parking Monitor: Traffic and Parking Monitors make sure that those attending park in the proper areas and keeps cars from parking in areas that must be kept clear for vendors, traffic, etc., and reminds drivers of the 5 mph speed limit on farm roads.

Registration: Check in pre registered flyers, process on site registration, verify that all fliers posses a valid TRA or NAR membership and certification & sign TRA waiver liability form. Sell apparel and direct flyers requests to appropriate individuals for resolve.

Registration Assistant: 2nd hand in the registration tent and assists with all aspects of registration.

URRF is our large yearly regional launch, without the help of our volunteers we would not be able to hold this event.

HPR pad manager training is important so their 2 hour shifts starts will be staggered by 1 hour to insure the new HPR pad manager is mentored during their first duty hour. This will help with knowledge transfer and help us to maintain safety during the event.