URRF is a great opportunity to that big flight you’ve been planning. Big doesn’t have to mean huge motors or giant rockets, although those are fun, it’s all about your big flight. If you’ve got something planned, fill out the form at the bottom and we’ll add it to the list. If you are flying over 5000Ns or 15k feet, please fill out a BFR form instead of a featured flight.




Primary Construction Material is G10

3 inches diameter

90 Iinches tall,

10 lbs

Motor: Cesaroni P54-3G J-360 Skidmark.

Electronics: MARSA33, StratologgerCF, EggFinderGPS, Adept

Altitude: Straight Up

Austin Heisey “Cosmos”
Fiber Glass
5 inch diameter, 6′ tall,
40 lb
Motor: CTI M1101-WH-0 Electronics: Eggtimer GPS, Altusmetrum GPS
Altitude: 5,000ft


Curtis Heisey “The Brick”

Primary Construction Material is Fiber Glass

7.5 inches diameter, 8 Feet tall, 50 lbs

Motor: CTI M150

This is a Level 3 Cert Flight!

Electronics: Eggtimer Tracker

Nose Cone will recover on a 130ft Streamer!

Altitude: 5000 ft 

Photo is a Webmaster representation...

Rick “Wildman” Comshaw Jumbo Darkstar

Primary Construction Material is Fiber Glass 8 inches diameter, 12 Feet tall, 110 lbs  Motor: O (as in OMG!) 9700! Electronics: MARSA and Stratologger Altitude: 16,000 feet!

Michael Pitter’s Static Discharge

Madcow Tomach  Kit

Primary Construction Material is Carbon Fiber
54 mm diameter, 7.58" tall, 4729g loaded weight
Motor: Loki Research L 1400
Electronics: SL100 (Primary) SLCF (Backup)
TeleGPS main Tracker with a backup Comspec ATSB

Altitude: 18,000 feet!

John Ritz’s Plum Crazy

Scratch Built Carno Composite

7.57" diameter, 10' tall, 80lb

Motor: N2500

Electronics: ARTS2 and Adept 22

Home built altimeter with 3D Acc and 3D Gyro with home built GPS and HD Camera!

Altitude: 8,500ft


Scratch Built

6″ diameter, 12″ tall, weight is TBD

Motor: YES

Electronics: MAWD MARSA4

Com Spec Tracker

Altitude: High Enough


Rick Barnes’ Yet Another Bigger Bertha

MAC/Upscale CNC/Performance Hobbies

Motor: CTI I350

Rocket Description/Details:
A 4" upscale of the Big Bertha. Airframe kit from MAC Performance, fiberglass nose cone from Performance Hobbies (with MAC nose bay kit),
3/16 ply fins from Upscale CNC. 38mm motor mount, can accommodate up
to 6-grain.

John Ritz’s NikeX

Composite Kevlar-Carbon
5.5" diameter, 9' tall, 50lb

Motor: M2100

ARTS2 and Adept and GPS transmitter.Raven model 3/Stratologger

Altitude: this is second flight to 10,000ft.

John Ritz’s Tomahawk

Scratch Built Fiberglass and Composite
5.5" diameter, 10' tall, 54lb

Motor: M3000

ARTS2 and Adept22 with transmitter.

Altitude: 9,000ft.



Mike Dutch’s Star Rider

Rocket Description/Details:
3rd version of an Estes Star Rider, 3" X 69" upscale, 8lbs dry. Canvas airframe and fins by Mac Performance w/ a custom modified nose cone.
This will be the 1st flight

Motor: AMW J365 Skidmark

Mike Crupe’s SUPER BlackFly

MAC Performance Rocketry
Blue tube / Canvas / Fiberglass
6" diameter, 75" tall, 29lb

Motor: CTI M1230
Electronics: Dual RRC3 Altimeters, Kate Multitronics GPS / Tracking

Altitude: 9,500ft


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