URRF is a great opportunity to that big flight you’ve been planning. Big doesn’t have to mean huge motors or giant rockets, although those are fun, it’s all about your big flight. If you’ve got something planned, fill out the form at the bottom and we’ll add it to the list. If you are flying over 5000Ns or 15k feet, please fill out a BFR form instead of a featured flight.

Bob Anderson’s AGM Pike

Modified MadCow Kit
5.5″ diameter, 104″ tall, 49lb loaded weight
Motor: Loki M1650
Electronics: Dual Missile Works RRC3’s

Kate GPS Tracking System

Altitude: 8,041ft

Rick Comshaw’s Jumbo Darkstar

Wildman  Kit
8″ diameter, 13.5′ tall, 115lb loaded weight
Motor: O5877ish
Electronics: perfectflite, raven

GPS, trackers, maybe someone wants to put a camera on it.

Altitude: 16,000ft

Rick Comshaw’s Jumbo Darkstar

Wildman  Kit
8″ diameter, 13.5′ tall, 115lb loaded weight
Motor: O8200!
Electronics: perfectflite, raven

GPS, trackers, maybe someone wants to put a camera on it.

Altitude: 16,000ft

Rick Comshaw’s Agent P

Wildman  Kit
8″ diameter, 13′ tall, 70lb loaded weight
Motor: M1400 Skid
Electronics: perfectflite, raven

Altitude: 6,000ft

Trent Hunter’s Darkstar Extreme

Wildman  Kit
4″ diameter, 99.75″ tall, 28.5lb loaded weight
Motor: Loki Research M-900-LR
Electronics: Dual Missile Works RRC3 Altimeters
Altus Metrum TeleGPS in nose for tracking, Mobius Action Camera with Liquidfyre camera shroud in switchband.

Altitude: 13,500ft

Jerry OSullivan’s Muck Farm Flyer

Scratch Built Fiberglass
8″ diameter, 13′ tall, 110lb
Motor: N-3000
Electronics: Pico, RRC2, Camera, GPS
Altitude: 8000ft

Jerry OSullivan’s Sandhawk

Scratch Built Fiberglass

6″ diameter, 12′ tall, 55lb

Motor: M3000 ex white

Electronics: RDAS, Marsa, Mobius Cam, TLA GPS

Altitude: 9,000ft

Alan Whitmore’s Red Ruby

Scratch Built Fiberglassed phenolic

6″ diameter, 103″ tall, 28.35lb

Motor: Full EX L fast-burning purple

Electronics: Raven model 3/Stratologger

Altitude: 8,000ft

Rick Barnes’ Yet Another Bigger Bertha

MAC/Upscale CNC/Performance Hobbies

Motor: CTI I350

Rocket Description/Details:
A 4″ upscale of the Big Bertha. Airframe kit from MAC Performance, fiberglass nose cone from Performance Hobbies (with MAC nose bay kit),
3/16 ply fins from Upscale CNC. 38mm motor mount, can accommodate up
to 6-grain.

John Ritz’s NikeX

Composite Kevlar-Carbon
5.5″ diameter, 9′ tall, 50lb

Motor: M2100

ARTS2 and Adept and GPS transmitter.Raven model 3/Stratologger

Altitude: this is second flight to 10,000ft.

John Ritz’s Tomahawk

Scratch Built Fiberglass and Composite
5.5″ diameter, 10′ tall, 54lb

Motor: M3000

ARTS2 and Adept22 with transmitter.

Altitude: 9,000ft.

Les Bradshaw’s Tekcub 3L (LV3 Cert)

Modified Wildman Dark Star Ultimate

Motor: M2500

Raven 2 + RRc2 mini, camera, Eggfinder GPS

Altitude: 10,000ft.

CaveCentral’s Performer 150 (L3 Cert)

Performance Rocketry Kit
6″ diameter, 12′ tall, 40lb
Motor: M1230
2 Strattologgers
Altitude: 6,000ft.

Christian Manasoiu’s AMG-33 Pike

Scratch Built Fiberglassed tubes, G10 fins

8.25″ diameter, 13′ tall, 90lb

Motor: O-4200EX

Electronics: Two Startologger CFs, MobiusHD camera, TeleGPS

Altitude: 13,000ft

Christian Manasoiu’s Endeavour

Scratch Built Fiberglassed tubes, G10 fins

5.25″ diameter, 8′ tall, 30lb

Motor: M-3000EX

Electronics: Two Startologger CFs, MobiusHD camera, TeleGPS

Altitude: 10,000ft

Christian Manasoiu’s AMG-78 Standard

Scratch Built Fiberglassed tubes, plywood

6″ diameter, 7′ tall, 35lb

Motor: M-2600EX

Electronics: Two Startologger CFs, MobiusHD camera, TeleGPS

Altitude: 8,800ft

Andrew Welch’s Performer 125 (L3 Cert)

Performance Rocketry Kit
5″ diameter, 11.5′ tall, 45lb
Motor: M2045
Raven 3, Eggtimer Quantum, 1 Eggfinder TRS in NC, 1 Eggfinder Mini on airframe, 1 Home brew telemetry unit w/GPS, 2 Mobius Cameras
Altitude: 10,500ft.

Mike Dutch’s Star Rider

Rocket Description/Details:
3rd version of an Estes Star Rider, 3″ X 69″ upscale, 8lbs dry. Canvas airframe and fins by Mac Performance w/ a custom modified nose cone.
This will be the 1st flight

Motor: AMW J365 Skidmark

Mike Crupe’s SUPER BlackFly

MAC Performance Rocketry

Blue tube / Canvas / Fiberglass

6″ diameter, 75″ tall, 29lb

Motor: CTI M1230

Electronics: Dual RRC3 Altimeters, Kate Multitronics GPS / Tracking

Altitude: 9,500ft

Tom Cohen’s Three Tube Fin

Scratch Build

Sonotube, plywood, fiberglass

12″ diameter, 17ft tall, 150lb

Motor: CTI 6800M3700

Electronics: One apogee event. 3 altimeters. Bagged chute with pilot for fin can and one for cone.

Altitude: 800ft

Greg Elling’s “It’s no jive, it’s URRF5”

Scratch Built


Details: It’s made from a 2.5″ shipping tube with 5 fins, stands 5′ 5″ tall and will have a 38mm 5 grain J red. I’m seeing a #5 theme here. By the way, what is the speed of cardboard?

Morgan Remeza’s Largemouth Bass

Rocket Description/Details:
Scratchbuilt Fiberglass
5” diameter, 10.5’ tall, 50 lb

Motor: N1800

Electronics: Raven 3, Raven 2, Strattologger CF, Multitronix Kate GPS,
2x Mobius Cameras

Altitude: 16,000 feet

Ben Russell’s Formula 150

Rocket Description/Details:
Rocketry Warehouse Fiberglass Kit
6” diameter, 85’ tall, 39 lb

Motor: M1600

Electronics: Marsa33 and Missile Works RRC3, Missile Works RTX GPS tracking

Altitude: 8,000 feet

Elaine Russell’s Performer 150

Rocket Description/Details:
Performance Hobbies Fiberglass Kit
6” diameter, 11.5’ tall, 46 lb

Motor: M1600

Electronics: 2 Missile Works RRC3s, Missile Works RTX GPS tracking

Altitude: 6,000 feet

Tom Cohen’s Higgs Farm

Rocket Description/Details:
230 lbs of cardboard boxes to 800 feet. The Higgs brothers have opened
their farm to rocketry for 20 years.

12″ “diameter”, 14ft tall, 230lb

Motor: CTI 8634M64000

Electronics: One apogee event. 3 RRC3 altimeters. Bagged chute with pilot for fin can and one for cone.

Altitude: 800ft

Eric Montbriand’s Intimidator 5

Rocket Description/Details:

5″ diameter, 10ft tall

Motor: CTI M2505

Electronics: RRC3 RRC2+ altimeters with Beeline transmitter

Altitude: 12,000ft

Chris Pearson’s Centuri Enerjet 2650

Rocket Description/Details:

Upscaled 5.5″ clone of 70’s Centuri Enerjet 2650 sounding rocket

Motors: 3-38mm J450 Research motors using NASSA K2 Fast propellant



Chris Pearson’s D-Region Tomahawk

Rocket Description/Details:
Smokin’ Rockets
9″ Diameter, 14ft tall, 100lbs

Recovery Electronics:
4-Missileworks RRC-3 altimeters

Motor: N3100 Research motor using “Brilliant Blue” propellant

Altitude: 5000ft



Riley Keller’s Mongoose 29

Rocket Description/Details:
Rocketry Warehouse Carbon Fiber kit
29mm Diameter, 44in tall

Recovery Electronics:
Eggfinder mini GPS in the nose, Eggtimer Quark DD altimeter in the middle

Motor: CTI I204

Altitude: 8,300ft Mach 1.23



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