URRF is a great opportunity to that big flight you’ve been planning. Big doesn’t have to mean huge motors or giant rockets, although those are fun, it’s all about your big flight. If you’ve got something planned, fill out the form at the bottom and we’ll add it to the list. If you are flying over 5000Ns or 15k feet, please fill out a BFR form instead of a featured flight.

Bob Anderson’s AGM Pike

Modified MadCow Kit
5.5″ diameter, 104″ tall, 49lb loaded weight
Motor: CTI M1810
Electronics: Dual Missile Works RRC3’s

Kate GPS Tracking System

Altitude: 8,041ft

Rick Comshaw’s Jumbo Darkstar

Wildman  Kit
8″ diameter, 13.5′ tall, 115lb loaded weight
Motor: O5877ish
Electronics: perfectflite, raven

GPS, trackers, maybe someone wants to put a camera on it.

Altitude: 16,000ft

Trent Hunter’s Darkstar Extreme

Wildman  Kit
4″ diameter, 99.75″ tall, 28.5lb loaded weight
Motor: Loki Research M-900-LR
Electronics: Dual Missile Works RRC3 Altimeters
Altus Metrum TeleGPS in nose for tracking, Mobius Action Camera with Liquidfyre camera shroud in switchband.

Altitude: 13,500ft

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