URRF is a great opportunity to that big flight you’ve been planning. Big doesn’t have to mean huge motors or giant rockets, although those are fun, it’s all about your big flight. If you’ve got something planned, fill out the form at the bottom and we’ll add it to the list. If you are flying over 5000Ns or 15k feet, please fill out a BFR form instead of a featured flight.

David Carter’s Apollo 7!

Scratch built Blue tube, FG, CF
12″ diameter, 118.5″ tall, 45lb loaded weight
Motors: 1xCTI L2375, 4xCTI I55
Electronics: Altus Metrum TeleMetrum, Featherweight Raven, GPS and HAM radio tracker in the TeleMetrum, PerfectFlite Mini Timer 4 for cluster airstart
Altitude: 12,000ft

David Carter’s “BB”

Scratch built fiberglass with tip to tip carbon fiber
4″ diameter, 110″ tall, 35lb loaded weight
Motor: CTI 75mm M1400
Electronics: Altus Metrum Telemetrum, Telemetrum flight computer also has GPS and
HAM radio telemetry link
Altitude: 15,400ft

Python Rocketry Dan Schwartz’s Zomok 2 ( Yellow Bird)

16.5″ diameter, 172″ long. 77# with L2375. Built like his nose cones – ALL glassed foam

Motor: TBD L or M

Altitude: TBD

John Ritz’s NikeX

Composite Kevlar-Carbon
5.5″ diameter, 9′ tall, 50lb
Motor: 98mm M1600 with 9000Ns
Electronics: ARTS2 and Adept, home built 3-axis Accelerometer with IMU 10 dof for data recording and home built GPS 70cm transmitter and GPS 2M transmitter.
Altitude: 9,500ft

John Ritz’s DaBrandt

Scratch Built Fiberglass
4″ diameter, 7′ tall, 35lb
Motor: 75mm M1850 7500Ns
Electronics: ARTS2 and Stratologger, home built 3-axis Accelerometer with IMU 10 dof for data recording and home built GPS 70cm transmitter and GPS 2M transmitter.

Altitude: 16,000ft

John Ritz’s Tomahawk

Scratch Built Fiberglass and Composite
5.5″ diameter, 10′ tall, 54lb
Motor: 76mm M3200 7600Ns
Electronics: ARTS2 and Adept, home built 3-axis Accelerometer with IMU 10 dof for data recording and home built GPS 70cm transmitter and RF beacon.

Altitude: 9,000ft

Paul Gagnon’s Marine Service

Fiberglass Wildman
6″ diameter, 13′ tall, 55lb
Motor: EX M-2200
Electronics: 2x perfect Flite SL100, Multitronix (KATE) telemetry.
Flight commander Video
Altitude: 6,000ft

Wildman CT Jumbo Darkstar

Rick Comshaw

Fiberglass kit
9″ diameter, 13.5′ tall, 105lb

Motor: O6700 Smokey

Electronics: Stratologger CF/Raven/WCX, GPS   

Altitude: 13,000ft

Dutch’s XXTreme Dart

Scratch Built Fiberglass

4″ diameter, 108″ tall, 24.6lb

Motor: 75mm 4 grain Aqua Flame M750

Electronics: Perfectflite MAWD, Com Spec Tracker   

Altitude: 12,500ft

Jerry OSullivan’s Muck Farm Flyer

Scratch Built Fiberglass

8″ diameter, 12′ tall, 105lb

Motor: N-4000 white

Electronics: Marsa, MW RRC3, BRB GPS, Mobius cam

Altitude: 9,500ft

Jerry OSullivan’s Sandhawk

Scratch Built Fiberglass

6″ diameter, 12′ tall, 65lb

Motor: N-2500 ex white

Electronics: RDAS, Marsa, Mobius Cam, TLA GPS

Altitude: 11,000ft

Fred Taverni’s Instant Karma ~4 Stage!

Scratch Built Fiberglass

Stage 1: 4 inch / Stages 2,3&4 3 inch, 17.5′ tall, 48.5lb

Motors: K2000Vm -> J460T -> J325R -> J250W

Electronics: StratorLoggers, Ravens & TeleMetrums

Altitude: 9,800ft

Dan Patell’s Proteus

Hawk Mountain Fiberglass

Motor: 76-6000 M2000 Blue

6″ Diameter, 140″ Tall, and 60# loaded. Recovery and tracking to be performed by AIM Xtra 2.0 and EasyMini altimeters. A Skyangle C3 Drogue will be deployed at apogee (Riley – I promise to attach it this
time!) and a C3 XXL Main will be deployed at 1,000′. Rocket is expected to reach 5,700′.

Riley Keller’s Optomystic

Scratch Built Fiberglass

3″ diameter, 68″ tall, 10lb

Motor: K1103X

Electronics: RRC3, RRC2+, eggfinder GPS

Altitude: 9,250ft

Riley Keller’s Lil’ Rascal

Rocketry Warehouse Fiberglass

4″ diameter, 28″ tall, 7lb

Motor: CTI K360

Electronics:  RRC2+, Eggfinder TRS GPS

Altitude: 7,000ft

Mike Crupe’s Villain III

MAC Performance Rocketry

7.5″ diameter, 108″ tall, 52lb

Motor: 5090L1454 (Jim Livingston EX White Lightning)

Electronics: Dual RRC3 altimeters, Garmin GPS

Altitude: 7,200ft

Dutch’s Eagle Claw 4.75

Wildman Fiberglass Kit

4″ diameter, 96″ tall, 28.6lb

Motor: Aerotech L900DM

Electronics: Stratologger CF, Com Spec Tracker

Altitude: 10,500ft

Bill Good’s AGM 78

Scratch Built Cardboard and Fiberglass

12.5″ diameter, 12ft tall, 150lb

Motor: N4000 W (EX)

Electronics: Stratologger (2x), Cameras

Altitude: 5,000ft

Bill Good’s Tres (5x)

Scratch Built Cardboard and Fiberglass

8″ diameter, 17ft tall, 100lb

Motors: N4000 W (EX)3x L1125 W, 1x M1527 W (EX)

Electronics: Raven/Stratologger, Cameras and GPS

Altitude: 14,000ft

Dutch’s Performer 98

Performance Hobbies Fiberglass

4″ diameter, 88″ tall, 21lb

Motor: AMW K500 Sparky

Electronics: Perfectflite MAWD & Com Spec Tracker

Altitude: 3,500ft

David Ratliff’s Wildman Extreme

Wildman Fiberglass
4″ diameter, 100″ tall, 25lb
Motor: AT M1297
Electronics: Dual Stratologger CF altimeters, Eggfinder GPS tracker, Trackimo Cellular/GPS tracker, Communication Specialists RF tracker
Altitude: 14,500ft

Ben Russell’s Formula 150

Rocketry Warehouse Fiberglass
6″ diameter, 95″ tall, 39lb

Motor: L897 – first flight then M1709

Electronics: 2 Missile Works RRC3s
Missile Works RTX GPS tracking

Altitude: 7,500ft

Steve Marra’s Ultimate Punisher

Ultimate Wildman with Punisher Fins

Motor: Loki M1650 Cocktail

Electronics: Stratologger and RRC3 altimeters

Altitude: TBD

Rich Fusco’s Ultimate Wildman

Ultimate Wildman Kit

6″ Diameter, 10.5ft tall, 40lbs

Motor: M1600

Electronics: Altusmetrum Telemetrum & Altusmetrum Telemini

Altitude: 11,000ft

Gary Dickinson’s Cyclops

Ultimate Wildman Kit

6″ Diameter, 139in tall, 67.5lbs

Motor: M2054

Electronics: MARSA 54L & Stratologger, Garmin GPS & Comm Spec

Altitude: 10,170ft

Justin Gleiter & Scott Tyrrell’s Son of Godzilla

Scratch built Wood/phenolic tubing/fiberglass

12″ Diameter, 12ft tall, 115lbs

Motors: 1 Research N2800 Green, 3 Research K600 white airstarts

Electronics: ARTS/Perfectflite Altimeters, Adept airstart timer.

Altitude: 8,000ft

Elaine Russell’s Performer 150

Performance Hobbies Fiberglass Kit

6″ diameter, 128″, 35 pounds without motor

Motor: L950 – first flight then M1709

Electronics: 2 Missile Works RRC3s
Missile Works RTX GPS tracking

Altitude: TBD

Leo Malkin’s The Competitor 5

Wildman Fiberglass Kit

5″ diameter, 10ft, 450oz

Motor: L 930 LW

Electronics: two stratologger Cf, Altus Metrum Tele Gps

Altitude: 7,324ft

Leo Malkin’s The Phoenix

Wildman Fiberglass Kit

4″ diameter, 9ft, 258oz

Motor: L1400 LW

Electronics: Stratologger, Altus Metrum Tele Gps

Altitude: 8,580ft

Cristian Manasoiu’s AGM-33 Pike

Fiberglassed tubes, wood, G10

8.25″ diameter, 12ft, 75lb

Motor: M2200 EX White

Electronics: 2 x Stratologger CF, miniMobius HD, TeleGPS

Altitude: 6,500ft

Cristian Manasoiu’s Patriot

Fiberglassed tubes, wood, G10

7.5″ diameter, 9ft, 45lb

Motor: M2800 EX Blue

Electronics: 2 x Stratologger CF, Mobius HD, TeleGPS

Altitude: 5,000ft

Cristian Manasoiu’s MCM Wild

Fiberglassed tubes, wood, G10

6″ diameter, 10ft, 35lb

Motor: M1850 EX Green

Electronics: 2 x Stratologger CF, Mobius HD, TeleGPS

Altitude: 7,000ft

Michael Pitfield’s Bizzy Bee

Wildman 3″ Darkstar

3″ diameter, 79in tall, 16lb

Motor: Loki L-1040 Red

Details: This rocket previously launched at Potter to just shy of 10,000′ on an AT K700. She is returning with a new black and yellow paint job and with 5″ chopped out of the airframe. This time she will be flying on a Loki L-1040 Red and should hit 14,000′ AGL. She has dual StratoLoggers, TeleGPS with backup ComSpec AT-2B and an onboard Mobious camera.

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